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"We want to help you embed Responsible Innovation into your organisation by offering you tailor-made solutions that fit your needs".   

Jillian Couto-Phoenix, PhD

Our mission

By increasing R&D spending, the UK Government has demonstrated its commitment to putting research and innovation at the centre of its Industrial Strategy.  An important goal of this research and innovation spending for bodies such as the URKI, is to drive positive social and environmental change. This means that we now have emerging science and technology with the potential to provide solutions for our most pressing global challenges. 


However, for this research to translate into real societal impact will require wide-spread social acceptance of this new science. This has been a challenge in the recent past and will continue to be so, as we move forward. This challenge is especially highlighted for emerging and disruptive new technology. 


Current research in both innovation management and the social sciences shows that to change public perceptions of new science and technology will require robust participatory methods that will foster engagement between stakeholders from academia, government bodies, industry and members of the public at the early stages of technology development.  There is now a growing set of concepts for co-development and responsible research and innovation, aimed at doing this. We have translated this into a practical toolbox for our clients which we implement via interactive training and via consultancy services.

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